Multi-Core Processing with AMD

Performance geared for the needs of next-generation applications

As the latest software applications offer new features and cutting-edge capabilities, processor designers need to stay ahead of those demands. But these days, increasing processor performance isn't enough. Computers need to run faster, cooler, take up less space, and use less energy.

The Multi-Core Solution

Multi-core processing helps address these challenges. With the power of two or more processors on a single chip, AMD's true multi-core processors deliver industry-leading performance and unique features that help systems run cooler and more efficient.

Next-Generation Software and True Multi-tasking

The evolution of AMD's multi-core design has allowed for increased performance and higher productivity to meet the needs of next-generation applications. AMD multi-core processors also offer true multi-tasking capabilities. Users can simultaneously run multiple complex applications and successfully complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

And, because they put more processing power into a smaller package, AMD multi-core processors help enable smaller form factors-including:

  • Thin-and-light notebook PCs that run cooler and quieter
  • Space-saving, high-performance desktop PCs
  • Server infrastructures with a smaller footprint, reduced cooling needs, and energy efficiency that can improve total cost of ownership (TCO).