Leverage Your Platform Investment With a Seamless Upgrade to a Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor


The Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor for embedded enterprise designs



​The Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor provides up to 30% more performance in the same socket 1207 footprint than previous generation quad-core AMD Opteron processors.

This upgrade enables a performance improvement for edge-of-enterprise markets including storage and telecommunication as well as more traditional embedded markets such as security and medical imaging, military systems and single-board computing.

AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture helps provide a balanced foundation for embedded systems. Based on the industry-standard x86 platform, AMD64 delivers the right match of processing power, memory performance, I/O throughput and scalability.

Add the vision of 32- and 64-bit application support with native multi-core computing in a consistent thermal envelope and many embedded designers are finding their AMD Opteron processor-based next-generation systems deliver superior application performance.


HyperTransport™ technology provides up to 17.6GB/s per link in HT 3.0 generation and is compatible with HT 1.0 generation implementation

HyperTransport™ technology HT Assist optimizes communication between processors to improve multi-processor systems

On-die integrated DDR2 memory controller offers available memory bandwidth up to 12.8GB/s (with DDR2-800) per processor

Hardware assisted AMD Virtualization™ technology in AMD Opteron processors with DDR2 helps streamline the efficiency of multiple servers and provides virtual machine memory isolation for improved security

Socket F (1207) provides system upgrade option from dual-core to quad-core to six-core in the same physical footprint