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 AMD TrueAudio


Your games now sound as good as they look1

​The expectations of gamers have never been higher. Graphics quality and processing speed have advanced rapidly, and the games of today are light years ahead of those from just a few years ago. But advancements in game audio have been more sporadic and less widely adopted.

Sound is a critically important part of the immersive experience for gamers and sound engineers are eager to advance their art, but they haven’t enjoyed the same kind of attention that continually drives graphics improvements.

Until now.

AMD TrueAudio technologyHow AMD TrueAudio removes constraints on sound developers

AMD TrueAudio technology is all about giving sound engineers the freedom to follow their imaginations and the power to make their games sound as convincing as they look. Here are some of the features that make that possible:

  • A dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) is built in to the AMD GPU core. That’s a hefty dose of processing power committed just to generating immersive soundscapes. That doesn’t just enable new and exciting audio features in games; it also saves CPU cycles that can be used for other tasks.
  • Programmable sound effects bring to audio the same kind of flexibility that programmable shaders brought to graphics. Game developers aren’t stuck with inflexible canned effects anymore. They now have the flexibility to create complex effects and acoustic environments.
  • More voice channels and audio objects mean game developers no longer have the unenviable task of determining which sounds are expendable. AMD TrueAudio technology multiplies the number of sounds a game can generate at once, giving developers the capacity to create much more lifelike soundscapes.
  • True to life echoes and convolution reverb are finally available on all platforms, meaning programmers can now build these effects into their games rather than relying on basic reverbs. The types of real-world acoustic phenomena that can be faithfully reproduced are massively greater.
  • Multi-channel spacialization brings in-headset surround sound with accurate positional audio algorithms to all gamers; not just the ones with the priciest headgear.

What it means for gamers

By leveraging AMD TrueAudio technology, game developers now have the ability to recreate acoustic environments with incredible fidelity, and to bring them to every gamer. With AMD technology inside all the most popular “next-generation” gaming platforms, including the PC, gamers across the entire industry will finally enjoy the best audio today’s technology can offer.

Hear from our engineers Hear an in-game demonstration
"The Importance of AMD's "TrueAudio Technology in 'Thief'"


Oculus VR® Demo2

If you want to experience directional 3-D audio on your stereo headset in real time, download the Tuscany demo brought to you by Oculus VR®, GenAudio and FMOD® Studio.

GenAudio’s AstoundSound® effect is accelerated by AMD TrueAudio technology. The demo was built for Oculus Rift owners, but even those without the popular virtual reality headset can immerse themselves in the demo's audio environment.

View the demo