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 AMD at Work

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Leading technology solutions for enterprise

AMD delivers the graphics and compute processing your business needs: servers, professional graphics, thin client, desktopmobility solutions and more.

AMD: An industry leader in innovation and performance

AMD’s innovative technology delivers value and flexibility. With our groundbreaking ambidextrous design approach, our portfolio of reusable IP and our high-performance modular architecture, we empower the solutions with the combined power of graphics and compute. AMD technology advances, such as Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) are explicitly designed to deliver performance with extreme efficiency and effective power use.

AMD delivers value and choice

AMD technology is designed to deliver value, with solutions that can execute some of the most challenging workloads while promoting efficiency, agility, longevity and productivity with a low total cost of ownership. Our promotion of industry standards and offerings of workload-specific, customized configurations provides freedom of choice so you have the flexibility to build what’s best for your business.

Strategic partnerships through collaboration and customized solutions

AMD’s unique, flexible collaboration model allows for both off-the-shelf and customized solutions based on our proven design and integration capabilities as well as our manufacturing partnerships. AMD technology is found in everything from PCs, workstations, supercomputers and large-scale cloud data centers to airplanes, digital signage, casino games, game consoles and more. Our technology partners serve markets around the world in every walk of life, from online shopping to social interactions to gaming.

Innovations that work now and inspire the future

AMD has a legacy of designing and integrating technology solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible: from the first server-class x86 SoC, and the first quad-core embedded SoC, to the revolutionary APU which uses Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) features to deliver the combined power of graphics and compute with incredible efficiency and speed.

AMD also looks to inspire the future. From enterprise to government, education to B2B, embedded to semi-custom solutions, AMD delivers graphics and compute processing with an emphasis on low-power requirements and energy efficiency. We are committed to delivering a 25X improvement in APU efficiency by 2020. And we are working to solve the cloud data center’s most pressing problems of power, bandwidth and storage to turn IT into a strategic asset for our customers.

AMD enables experiences by looking beyond conventional technology categories to power smarter computers, workstations, server and embedded devices. We are at the forefront of the surround computing era: natural and secure interactions, eye-definition visual realism and real-time accelerated audio processing – with all the benefits that virtualization, video conferencing and data visualization can bring.

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