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 AMD Embedded

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We're transforming the embedded computing experience

We designed our AMD embedded technology and solutions to give you the flexibility to design scalable low-cost and feature-rich products and drive energy efficiency without compromising your applications and graphics performance, compatibility or features.


AMD Embedded G-Series Processors
  • Our innovatively designed system on a chip (SOC) delivers an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) and combines a low-power CPU, advanced GPU and I/O controller.
AMD Embedded R-Series Processors
  • We've enabled a high-resolution visual experience in a small form factor by integrating an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), a high-performance CPU and powerful AMD Radeon™ HD graphics technology. All on a single chip.
AMD Radeon™ Embedded Discrete GPUs
  • We designed our embedded discrete graphics processing units to deliver exceptional 3D graphics, accelerated computing and the ability to drive multiple monitors.
AMD Embedded Solutions by Industry
AMD Embedded Software, Solution and Tools Partners
  • Our global network of software and tools partners makes it easy for you to get into production with complete end-to-end solutions.
AMD Embedded Sales Representatives
  • We work with sales representatives around the world to make it easy for you to acquire AMD embedded technology close to your production site.
AMD Embedded Sales Inquiries
  • AMD sales experts are available to answer questions and provide information about AMD embedded products and solutions.
AMD Embedded Resource Center
AMD-Based Embedded Product Catalog
  • Our online catalog of products built with AMD embedded technology showcases innovative solutions searchable by specific industry applications.
AMD Embedded Developer Support Site
  • Our developer support site provides access to documentation, embedded software, resources and information to assist you in your design process.
News & Information
  • For embedded system designers and those interested in the embedded industry, get the latest design and development news, including AMD Embedded processor platforms, as well as innovative solutions provided by our partners.