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 High-Performance Computing

​What Is GPU Compute?​

​GPU compute or GPGPU (general-purpose computation on graphics processing units) is the utilization of a GPU to perform computation in engineering, digital media and scientific applications traditionally handled by the central processing unit (CPU). The GPU acts as a co-processor and can accelerate applications due to its massively parallel processing power compared to the multicore design of CPUs.

CPU and GPU cores

To harness the compute power of the GPU, application developers can rely on the open standard and cross-platform programming ​la​nguage, OpenCL™.​​




AMD FirePro™ GPUs for compute

Desig​ned to leverage the massive parallel processing power of AMD GPUs, AMD FirePro GPU can tackle compute-intensive applications beyond just graphics and help scientists and engineers get results faster.

​ ​AMD FirePro GPUs are outfitted with hardware and software features designed specifically to address high-performance workloads and work flows, including application requirements for high single and double floating-point performance, ECC memory support for increased computational accuracy as well as DirectGMA for low-latency data transfer between multiple GPUs.

AMD FirePro GPUs are optimized for OpenCL, the open and cross-platform programming standard used for general-purpose computations when combined with the AMD accelerated parallel processing. ​

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OpenCL allows programmers to preserve their expensive source code investment. Applications accelerated with OpenCL can access the combined processing power of a computer’s GPU and CPU cores under a single unified platform – a game-changing development for users of professional graphics and computational design software.

The ability to perform compute-intensive tasks in parallel, using virtually any multicore processor, opens the door for performance and functionality improvements on an unprecedented scale. If you’re working with processing intensive applications in CAD, CAM, CAE, science, DCC or M&E, get ready for OpenCL to change the way you work.

  • AMD’s advanced Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture delivers fast single- and double-precision performance
  • PCI Express 3.0 for high-bandwidth data transfers at low latency
  • DirectGMA for fast peer-to-peer transfers
  • AMD PowerTune technology allows the GPU to deliver maximum clock speed within TDP budget1

Learn how AMD and OpenCL are enabling DCC, CAD and simulation software to tap into the processing power of modern GPUs
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AMD S9150​ 

AMD FirePro™ S-series

AMD FirePro S-series cards feature passive thermal designs and are designed for the data center. They can be deployed in a wide range of rackmount servers, blade servers and PCIe® expansion chassis from leading vendors.

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AMD FirePro™ W7000 GPU 

AMD FirePro™ W-series

AMD FirePro W-series cards are designed for desktop workstations and personal supercomputers and feature active cooling for flexible deployment in a wide variety of systems. Customers can choose between fast single-precision, single-slot card solutions like the AMD FirePro™ W7000 GPUs that are optimized for double-precision, like the AMD FirePro™ W9100.

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Helping customers prepare for the future with open standards and broad OS support

AMD endorses open standards technologies like OpenGL® and OpenCL™ providing future- ready solutions for cross-platform implementation.

AMD FirePro graphics support a wide range of 32- and 64-bit Linux and Microsoft® Windows® operating system environments: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 as well as various Linux operating systems, such as RedHat Enterprise 6.4, Suse Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 11 SP2, Suse Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP2, OpenSuse 12.1 and Ubuntu 12.1


Power efficiency and reliability

ZeroCore Power technology logo 
​​​​​​​​AMD FirePro features several intelligent power monitoring and management technologies unique to AMD, including AMD​ ZeroCore Power technology which reduces GPU usage to less than three watts at idle.1

The AMD FirePro S-series cards feature passive heat sinks which simplify the thermal design and enable silent operation, flexible deployment and data center-level reliability.

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Enterprise-grade warranty and support

  • AMD FirePro cards are designed, built and rigorously tested by AMD
  • Planned minimum three-year product life cycles
  • Three-year limited product repair/replacement warranty2
  • Toll-free phone and email access to technical support team