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 AMD Radeon™ Memory 

AMD Radeon™ memory cards

Get superior stability and excellent performance with AMD Radeon™ memory

Get more out of what you’ve already got with an easy, cost-effective memory upgrade from AMD. From browsing the Web and watching brilliant HD streaming video to playing the most demanding video games, AMD Radeon™ memory is precisely tuned to maximize the performance of your AMD product for a faster, utterly seamless PC experience.

 System Memory

Memory Profiles

Novice users can more easily overclock their platforms by selecting from a list of predefined, stable profiles. Enthusiast users can push their system to the limit through individual changes in the BIOS, with AMP on supported AMD platforms or XMP on supported competitive platforms.2

Platform Compatibility

Designed and tested to the highest standards to ensure optimal performance on the latest AMD platforms and functional testing on competitive platforms

Fail-Safe Default Boot

The boot sequence uses standard DDR3 frequencies and timings to help ensure system functionality and stability.

Security And Reliability

AMD Radeon™ memory heat shields are designed with high-purity aluminum that allows for enhanced heat dissipation. The sleek, low profile design safeguards the integrity and quality of the memory.

AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk

Tap into the full potential of your memory and experience faster loading and saving of your favorite software applications. All AMD memory allows users to utilize up to 6GB of Radeon™ RAMDisk when AMD Radeon™ Memory is installed.3

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty

Our partners offer a limited Lifetime warranty ensuring users get exactly what they’ve paid for.4

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Get superior stability and excellent performance with AMD Graphics Memory.

 AMP Technology

Multiple SDP Profiles

Select from a couple pre-programmed memory settings based on a usage model. For example, a low-latency profile could be used during intense gaming while a low-voltage (green) profile could be loaded for everyday use.

Mainstream Overclocking

Enables novice users to easily overclock their platforms by selecting from pre-defined, stable profiles, stored in the SPD instead of adjusting individual parameters in the BIOS. Reselecting the default profile resets the module to JEDEC standards.5

Enthusiast Overclocking

Allows enthusiasts to push their system's limits with individual parameter changes in the BIOS that can be saved as profiles and automatically loaded at system boot or through AMD OverDrive™ software.2,5,6

Fail-Safe Default Boot

Start boot sequence with default JEDEC setting (standard DDR3 frequencies and timings) to ensure base functionality and stability. Then, the user can load (or loading can be set as an automatic function) AMD Memory Profiles from the SPD into the BIOS.


AMD Radeon™ MemoryGamer SeriesPerformance SeriesEntertainment SeriesValue Series
FrequencyUp to 2400Up to 1866Up to 1600Up to 1333
CapacityUp to 16GBUp to 16GBUp to 16GBUp to 16GB
Kit TypeDual/QuadDualSingle/DualSingle/Dual
PCB Height30mm30mm30mm30mm
AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk4
*Only with memory built by Dataram
Up to 6GBUp to 6GBUp to 6GBUp to 6GB
AMP Ready1,3--
XMP Ready1,3--
SODIMM Available---
Heat ShieldOptionalOptional