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 AMD Server Processors


Powering Today’s Data Centers – Pioneering Tomorrow’s Innovation

We offer a range of processor solutions tailor-made for the specific needs of today’s IT organizations and data centers - both large and small. Our purpose-designed x86, APU and ARM processor technologies enable choice and flexibility while providing optimum value.

​The data center is evolving…

The need to pack more compute capability into a smaller package drives the evolution of server technology. And this innovation is driven by new and emerging workloads with new requirements around compute, I/O and power.

Recognizing these new dynamics, we continue to innovate in processor technology. We are the only company to offer an ambidextrous portfolio. Our x86, APU and ARM technologies are targeted to meet the diverse needs of the modern enterprise – today and tomorrow.

X86 processors

AMD Opteron logo 
​Our x86-based AMD Opteron™ series processors are ideal for hosting, cloud and traditional IT infrastructure – delivering outstanding price-per-performance. Servers based on AMD Opteron series processors can help IT organizations of all sizes by providing platforms that can support their workloads while lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO).
AMD Opteron series platform


AMD Opteron X-series logo
Combining the power of best-in-class graphics with x86 CPU cores, AMD Opteron™​ ​X-series APUs can provide the graphics horsepower required to support the needs of the remote business user and the wants of today’s consumer.
AMD Opteron X-series platform

ARM-based servers

AMD Opteron A-series logo 
Our ARM-based A-series processors are tailor-designed SoCs for workloads such as storage and scale-out cloud environments. They provide integrated networking and support for I/O with combined flexibility with efficiency.
AMD Opteron A-series platform