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 AMD Opteron™ A1100 Processor

​Cost and energy efficiency for your data center

The AMD Opteron™ A1100 processor is designed to run I/O intensive and scale-out applications with lower compute power, costs and energy consumption than standard x86 servers.​

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​AMD Opteron™ A1100 processor advantages​

  • Workload optimized
  • Offers flexibility and choice
  • Software-defined SoC​

Supporting the data explosion

Today’s data centers struggle with the management of data. From cloud and cold storage to big data, big investments are required to keep up with the storm. Today’s alternatives have been dominated by solutions that overprovision compute while underprovisioning the elements necessary for a successful implementation. The AMD Opteron A1100 SoC fixes that by investing in those critical elements – namely networking and I/O.

Scale out application infrastructures

Web hosting, IaaS, PaaS, private clouds, public clouds, NoSQL, analytics … the list can go on. The need for scale-out architecture is not new. The ability to help drive down operational costs (OpEx) can spell outstanding levels of success for data centers. The AMD Opteron A1100 further delivers on today’s architectures by combining integrated networking and I/O with ultradense compute capabilities.

Enabling the ARM 64-bit software development community

The strength of the ARM server movement will be well-served by a development community that creates applications on platforms that are fully compliant with the ARM server-based system architecture. The Opteron A1100 is that platform. And it’s delivered by a company that has a long history of providing proven compute platforms to enterprise and cloud data centers.