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 AMD Opteron™ X2150 APU

​​​The world’s first server-class APU

Combining best-in-class graphics power with x86 server technology, the AMD OpteronTM X2150 APU delivers GPU-accelerated performance to run complex and graphically rich server workloads in ultradense compute environments.​​

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AMD Opteron X2150 APU advantages

  • Industry first server-class APU
  • Support for ultradense compute
  • Ideal for emerging workloads

D​o more with less

Designed for ultradense servers such as HP Moonshot, the AMD Opteron X2150 APU delivers outstanding performance in a small amount of space. With up to 180 server nodes in a 4.3 rack unit (RU) space, the AMD Opteron X2150 APU enables a new way for IT to deliver services.​

Enable new user experiences with HDI

Hosted Desktop Infrastructure (HDI) delivers on the promise of VDI, without the complexity and cost. And there’s a reason the AMD Opteron X2150 APU was chosen as the underlying architecture for the HP Converged System 100 for Hosted Desktops: combining the power of APU technology in a small form factor provides dedicated compute resources to 180 users simultaneously. Unlike VDI, where all resources are shared, HDI solutions powered by AMD Opteron X2150 can support IT’s most demanding users while securing data, simplifying management and helping to drive down costs.

Drive new communications

Enterprise organizations are facing new challenges as video conferencing and streaming are rapidly becoming the norm for communicating. Rendering, transcoding and streaming are technologies that many organizations are quickly learning as they attempt to stay current in today’s “Internet of Things.” The AMD Opteron X2150 can be the foundation of an innovative solution. Combining CPU and GPU technologies in an ultradense form factor can lead to outstanding performance-per-watt when compared with traditional solutions.



Model NumberCPU Core CountCPU Core Frequency ​Northbridge Frequency ​AMD Radeon™ Cores ​GPU Frequency Power Band ​Max DDR3 speedL2 Cache
1.9 GHz
800 MHz​128​266 MHz-
600 MHz
​11 W-
22 W
​1600 MHz​2M