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 AMD Opteron™ 3200 Series Processors

AMD Opteron™ processor

Hosting platforms designed for hosters

We build reliable, enterprise-class processors that deliver excellent price performance to give dedicated Web hosters a single-socket, money-in-pocket server solution1.



Feature Function
New AMD Opteron™ Core Architecture

Optimized performance per watt:

  • Full performance from each core § High frequency and low-power design § Virtualization enhancements
  • Shared double-sized floating point unit (FPU)
  • ISA enhancements
AMD Turbo CORE Technology Turns unused TDP headroom into added clock speed for improved performance.
Flex FP Flexible 256-bit FPU; two 128-bit FMACs shared per module, allowing for dedicated 128-bit execution per core or shared 256-bit execution per module.
ISA Enhancements In addition to baseline instruction support, added SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSSE3, AVX, AES, PCLMULQDQ, FMA4 and XOP

AMD Power Management 2.0

Feature Function
TDP Power Cap Allows the user to set the maximum processor power ceiling via BIOS or APML
C6 Power State Core power gating: When a core is halted its context is exported to system memory and voltage is removed from the core.
APML (Advanced Platform Management Link) Provides an interface for processor and system management monitoring and controlling of system resources (in APML-enabled platforms) Comprised of the Remote Power Management Interface (RPMI) and the Precision Thermal Monitor.
AMD CoolSpeed Technology Provides highly accurate thermal information and thermal protection.
C1E Reduces memory controller and HyperTransport™ technology links' power.
LV-DDR3 Support Support for DDR3 at 1.25V in addition to 1.35V
Higher DDR3 Frequencies DDR3-1866 MHz supported with a single physical DIMM per memory channel
UDIMM Support Support for ECC UDIMM memory

Direct Connect Architecture 2.0

Feature Function
HyperTransport™ 3.0 Technology (HT3) Provides superior system bandwidth between CPUs and I/O, increasing interconnect rate up to a maximum 5.2GT/s with HT3.
Cache and Core Count
  • 4 or 8 cores within the same package
  • Up to 8 MB L2 Cache (1MB per core)
  • Up to 8 MB L3 Cache (per processor)


AMD Opteron™ 3200 Series Processors

ModelCoresCore SpeedAMD Turbo CORE Max FrequencyL3 CacheTDPSocket Type
3260 HE42.7GHz3.7GHz4MB45WAM3+
3250 HE42.5GHz3.5GHz4MB45WAM3+