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 AMD Research Themes

​Our research themes include: ​​​

  • Syste​ms level research:
    • ​Exascale FastForward and DesignForward: Exploring a range of enabling processor, memory and interconnect technologies and software necessary to build futuristic, high-performance computers beyond the year 2020, and investigating th​​e impact of these technologies on consumer and enterprise markets. This research spans from circuits and mi​croarchitectures through software. It seeks to improve the performance, energy-efficiency, reliability and programmability of future computing systems. ​
    • ​Workloads for future computing: With big data, big compute and cloud computing becoming more and more prevalent, we are committed to leveraging a plethora of techniques to understand and enhance AMD performance for diverse key emerging applications.
  • Enabling technologies:​
    • CPU, GPU and HSA architectures: Development of next-generation, high-performance architectures for the next five years and beyond.
    • Memory systems: Understanding of system design implications from memory technologies emerging on the horizon.
    • Low power: Design of circuits and architectural techniques to reduce the power consumption of future platforms.
    • I/O subsystems: Improvement of I/O subsystem performance that’s increasingly critical to the overall system performance.
  • Research infrastructure:
    • gem5: An important element of our research is simulator development to facilitate evaluation of revolutionary ideas. Besides AMD internal work, we are a leader in developing the open source simulator named gem5.

We support and encourage research in the academic community aligned with the AMD strategic thrusts listed above.