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 Brand Assets

The Digital Media Library is the place to find AMD's corporate logos and most popular product badges. If you have agreed to and complied with the terms and conditions of the AMD Trademark and Graphic Usage Agreement, you can now download the files for the AMD corporate logos and product badges here. Please download and read the usage guidelines for the logos or badges you are using. The guidelines address how to properly use the AMD Corporate logo and product badges in marketing or co-marketing materials. Information is also provided on the usage of typography, color, imagery, and tone-of-voice to ensure a consistent AMD brand.

​Brand Guidelines

  • AMD Brand Guidelines
  • AMD Product Badge Guidelines
  • AMD Co-branding Guidelines

AMD Corporate Logo and Tagline

  • AMD Corporate Logo
  • AMD Corporate Tagline

2015 APU ("Carrizo") Badges and Modifiers*

  • FX Processor "Carrizo"
  • A10 "Carrizo"
  • A8 "Carrizo"
  • A6 "Carrizo"
  • 12 Compute Cores Modifier "Carrizo"
  • 10 Compute Cores Modifier "Carrizo"
  • 6 Compute Cores Modifier "Carrizo"

2014/2015 APU/CPU Product Badges*

  • Athlon
  • A10 "Kaveri" and "Godavari"
  • A8 "Kaveri" and "Godavari"
  • A8 "Beema", and "Carrizo-L"
  • A6 "Kaveri", "Beema", and "Carrizo-L"
  • A4 "Beema"
  • E1 "Beema" and "Carrizo-L"
  • E2 "Beema" and "Carrizo-L"
  • FX "Kaveri"
  • Sempron
  • 12 Compute Cores Modifier**
  • 10 Compute Cores Modifier**
  • 8 Compute Cores Modifier**
  • 6 Computer Cores Modifier**
  • 5 Compute Cores Modifier**


Note: These badges are to be used for Component products and should never be used for the Consumer segment.

  • A Series
  • A Series Black Edition
  • E Series
  • FX Unlocked

Graphics and Modifiers*

  • AMD Radeon™ Badge
  • AMD Radeon™ R9 Series Badge
  • AMD Radeon™ R7 Series Badge
  • AMD Radeon™ R5 Series Badge
  • AMD Radeon™ Graphics Modifier
  • AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics Modifier
  • AMD FirePro™ Badge

AMD Opteron™ Processor Badges

  • AMD Opteron™
  • AMD Opteron™ X
  • AMD Opteron™ A

AMD Chipsets Badge

  • A-Series Chipset
  • 9-Series Chipset
  • A88X Chipset
  • A85X Chipset
  • A78 Chipset
  • A75 Chipset
  • A55 Chipset


*Refer to the Product Badge Guidelines for more information.

**Use only with the "Kaveri", "Carrizo-L", and "Godavari" product lines.

For any questions please email the Brand team at brand.team@amd.com.