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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Adobe helps its customers create, deliver, and optimize compelling content and applications — improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands and productivity, and ultimately bringing them greater business success.

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Altair Engineering

Altair Engineering, Inc., empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information.

Ansys logo 

ANSYS develops, markets and supports engineering simulation software used to predict how product designs will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments

ArcSoft logo

Team up with ArcSoft's industry-leading playback technologies using AMD platforms to view a dazzling HD visual experience along with star-studded features.

Autodesk logo

The close relationship between AMD and Autodesk aligns engineering, marketing and sales efforts and ensures maximum performance of the Autodesk family of applications on the ATI FirePro™ cards.

AVG logo

AVG is one of the world’s most recognizable names in online threat protection and is consistently ranked amongst the leaders in threat detection, as evaluated by AV-Test.Org. Its global community is 110M strong and growing. Each day AVG software is presented with over 1.5 billion potential threats to evaluate, from which AVG identifies over 100 million threats.

Bio-key logo

BIO-key's award-winning fingerprint authentication software delivers effortless identity assurance within a device, or securely via a remote connection. BIO-key and AMD have worked closely to create TrustZone-ready web integrated solutions delivering the highest levels of trust assurance and consumer privacy enhancement. By enabling interoperability among the quality fingerprint scanners in the market, BIO-key software insulates OEMs, ISVs, and online service providers against fingerprint hardware market uncertainty, and supports both convenience- and security-minded uses of fingerprint identification.

BioWare logo

BioWare, supported by AMD, develops high quality role-playing games, focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover.

CEI logo
CEI Inc.

CEI EnSight is designed to read simulation data results from a wide variety of CAE and CFD applications and present them in the best possible light. AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are certified by CEI to help ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Citrix logo

Together Citrix and AMD provide efficient and optimized application, client and server virtualization solutions to meet the needs of today’s adaptive IT organizations.


Codemasters, with support from AMD, is committed to developing incredibly immersive and technically impressive driving and action games.


Visualizing graphics is an important part in simulating both designs and processes in COMSOL Multiphysics®. This toolset, along with AMD FirePro™ technology, provides deeper understanding of the models and underlying physics that are being simulated.

Corel logo

Corel is one of the world's top software companies providing some of the industry's best-known brands, including Roxio®, Pinnacle™ and WinZip®. Boasting the most comprehensive portfolio of graphics, productivity and digital media products, we've built a reputation for delivering innovative software that's easy to learn and use, helping people achieve new levels of creativity and productivity. The industry has responded with hundreds of awards for innovation, design and value.

Cyberlink logo

In close cooperation with AMD, CyberLink delivers optimal performance on AMD platforms across the full product portfolio.

Dassault Systemes logo
Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systèmes and AMD are working closely together to develop the next generation of 3D design and PLM software to address the ever increasing market needs.

EDEM logo
DEM Solutions

EDEM, the OpenCL™-accelerated particle flow simulation technology from DEM Solutions, predicts the performance of bulk particle handling and processing equipment, providing engineers with key design and process information. AMD FirePro™ professional graphics provides robust and certified OpenCL™ performance for the EDEM toolset.

DICE logo

(EA Digital Illusions CE AB) develops cutting edge games and rich experiences through advanced technology. Led by the flagship franchise of Battlefield™, and powered by the Frostbite™ engine, DICE and AMD partnered to develop Mantle technology to help realize the full performance potential of AMD Radeon Graphics and the GCN architecture.

DivX logo

DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation, enables consumers to enjoy a high-quality video experience across any kind of device. With DivX Accelerated Solutions, enjoy smooth DivX® HD video playback with AMD APUs and AMD Radeon™ graphics.

Eidos Montreal logo
Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal, in cooperation with AMD, develops first-rate action games with a focus on character development, customization, and support for new technology.

Fingertapps logo

Fingertapps develops applications and user interfaces for family computing. Utilizing a philosophy of Natural User Interface design, Fingertapps applications help families play, learn and share. Partnering with AMD and optimizing applications for AMD GPU technology, Fingertapps is able to deliver leading touch and gestural applications with immersive visual effects for all PCs.

Fluendo logo

Fluendo is a key digital multimedia enabler empowering consumer electronic devices and desktops with high quality software. Fluendo offers multimedia products for a wide range of operating systems and platforms, and tailored solutions for OEM’s and ISV’s.

Gizmosphere logo

GizmoSphere is an independent initiative created to meet the open source development needs of embedded developers around the globe. GizmoSphere also offers the Gizmo Explorer Kit, which brings the power of a supercomputer and the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller to the x86 open source embedded development community in one convenient, affordable package.

MAGIX logo

MAGIX is a leading international provider of high-quality software, online services and digital content for multimedia communications. Since 1993, MAGIX has developed leading technologies for creating, editing, managing and presenting photos, graphics, videos and music.

Main Concepts logo
Main Concepts

MainConcept Supercharges H.264 Encoding Performance for ATI FirePro™ professional graphics and AMD Radeon™ graphics.

Microsoft logo

Over a history of strong collaboration, AMD and Microsoft have developed groundbreaking solutions that continue to enable new computing possibilities.

MotionDSP logo

MotionDSP specializes in cutting-edge video image processing software, providing unrivaled performance in terms of quality, speed, and ease of use.

MSC Software link
MSC Software

MSC Software is one of the 10 original software companies and a pioneer in CAE (computer aided engineering). MSC’s customers include the world’s top industrial companies in aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

Muvizu logo

Muvizu software lets mainstream PC users turn their ideas into compelling 3D films without having to learn to animate. But real-time rendering using Unreal Engine 3 technology takes some muscle, so many users are tied to desktop machines. Or they used to be: AMD's graphics muscle will turn ordinary laptop users into Muvizu moguls.

Norton logo

Norton protects the Stuff that matters to consumers, across all aspects of their digital lives. Norton provides a range of security solutions including technologies for PCs and mobile devices, live tech support services and online backup.

Parallels logo

Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualization platforms.

Personify logo

Personify is an immersive video communication company focused on bridging the gap between communicating remotely and talking face-to-face. Personify creates a deeper sense of presence while remote by seamlessly merging human interaction with digital content. Their flagship product, Personify Live, leverages cutting edge video technology to create the first web conferencing tool of its kind. The application embeds real-time video of a speaker into any setting to promote greater engagement and personal interaction in a virtual environment.

PTC logo

PTC and AMD FirePro™ professional graphics technologies are helping product development professionals push designs to the limit through the use of powerful tools which promote the best practices and techniques for design, while maximizing innovation and quality.

Red Hat logo
Red Hat

AMD and Red Hat have a long history of working together to provide solutions to customer problems. This trusted relationship includes an engineering partnership dedicated to technical excellence that has optimized the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating system for AMD Opteron™ processors.

Roxio logo

For more than a decade, Roxio software products and services have been revolutionizing how consumers and businesses use digital media.

SEGA logo

SEGA, along with AMD’s support, is dedicated to delivering unique PC game experiences that take advantage of current AMD technologies.

Siemens logo
Siemens PLM Software

For product designers, simulation specialists, and manufacturers who want to reduce design time and costly errors, and increase innovation, the combination of Siemens PLM Software NX and AMD FirePro™ desktop and mobile workstation graphics delivers ground-breaking features and performance.

Sony logo
SONY Creative Software

Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video, audio, and music production, as well as industry-leading technology for DVD production and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring.

SpaceClaim logo
SpaceClaim Corp.

SpaceClaim 3D modeling tools and AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are designed to empower engineers and industrial designers to be more creative and deliver products to market faster.

Trustonic logo

Trustonic integrates trust with the world’s leading electronic device makers and enables service providers to simplify people’s digital lives on the devices they want.

Viewdle Logo

Based in Silicon Valley, Viewdle is the only independent, mobile-focused visual analysis company. We enable the creation of new user experiences in mobile gaming, social networking, social media, advertising and marketing with our best-in-class recognition technology.

VMware Logo

VMware vSphere 4 is a robust virtualization environment optimized to support the AMD Opteron 6000 series platform to drive more demanding, business critical workloads.

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